[Cemat Those things] 视 视 3A solution, create a new path of smart logistics

"Kunlun", "Vientiane", "Pangu", "Nine", "River Map", when these high-cost characteristics are related to artificial intelligence, become a smart city, smart building, smart logistics The synonym of the AIOT software platform is also the core capabilities that continue to create in the two major business sections of the city Internet access and supply chain.

视 3A Smart Logistics Solution

In the field of logistics, it will adhere to the hard-integrated product layout, focus on building AI redefined logistics equipment, software platforms, and overall AIOT solutions. On 2021 Cemat Asia, it brings its innovative 3A smart logistics solution (AS / RS + AMR + AI), and shows its latest solution in the field of smart logistics.

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3A Smart Logistics Solution

"3A" in the 3A smart logistics solution is not a scenic area, but includes AS / RS (stereo storage, stacked machine, four-way car storage, conveying line), AMR (flexible handling and picking, containing P2P, The three modules of G2P, G2R, AI (machine vision, visual perception, and algorithm optimization).

Cheng Changshun, vice president of sales of scientific logistics business, said that he is unable to firmly deepen the smart logistics field, and radiate the world in China. 3A Smart Logistics Solutions, is built on the needs of demand for domestic logistics industries, developing many stages of development. In the overall dispatch of "视 河 图", the traditional AS / RS automated logistics system, the new AMR flexible logistics system interface, organic integration; at the same time, with the leading underlying Ai technology, visual perception and algorithm Empowering the warehousing logistics, earnestly helps customers have dropped the results, simplify management.

According to reports, in some warehousing scenes, although users have deployed a large amount of intelligent robots to improve logistics energy efficiency, cross-tunnel, multi-equipment synergistic scheduling pain points have not been resolved, ie unable to use a system to solve the equipment in the warehousing The running in the scene.

To this end, the 3A smart logistics solution is based on AI underlying technology, and the optimization of logistics handling whole process is achieved by algorithm and scheduling. For example, smart robots that can be idle can be gathered to the focus of work tasks, reduce resource idleness and waste, and greatly reduce users’ investment in equipment costs.

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AI helps logistics minimally upgrade

At this stage, with the gradual popularity of new technologies, the rhythm of production and life is greatly accelerated. The logistics acts as an industry that guarantees social production and social life, and has become an important part of the national "new infrastructure" construction. Among them, as an important industry affecting the people’s livelihood, medical logistics under the influence of national two-ticket system and quality of mass purchases, the cost pressure rose.

At the same time, compared to ordinary goods, drug quality management requirements, more difficult, relying on the traditional way to improve the growth rate of the entry and enterprises. I saw the practical pain point of the medical logistics industry, based on the 3A smart logistics solution, helping the National Drug Holding Guangzhou Co., Ltd. ("National Control Guangzhou") for the Guangzhou Logistics Center to digitally upgraded, transformed, while production Under the conditions, the overall efficiency is 25%, and the operation time is 2 hours in advance, and the cost will be saved in the next five years.

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How to do a number of 智 智 智 智 智 级 原 原 原 级 升 本 本 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难The pain is a feasible path.

"The people’s livelihoods in the pharmaceutical industry. It is very high in the traceability and accuracy of the goods, and the AI ??technology can solve this problem in low cost and efficiently." Cheng Changshun said, "The medical industry of the self-research" Ai Vision Perceived solutions, accurately identify and record information such as drug production, shelf life, production lot logo, and take self-uploading database, for the promotion of logistics energy efficiency in pharmaceutical industry, especially in the information recording level of the access library, has great improvement. "

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With the gradual maturity of new technologies such as AI, IOT, smart logistics solutions are constantly being given new technology elements. AI gives a logistics device to provide AI to "physical bearer" capable of landing applications to AI. The AI ??is complementary and logistics equipment, integrating with each other, and helps the national control Guangzhou is gradually constructing a new set of brain Cong, eyemation, and has a new system of smart logistics system with persistent learning.


Tongjian AI + logistics ecotry circle to create a wisdom logistics new business

In fact, for a minimalization upgrade of an industry, it is not possible to complete alone. In the view, ecological construction and exchange cooperation is extremely important for industrial development. Based on this, in addition to the opening source of "Brain ++ · Tianyuan MeGengine deep learning framework", it has established the artificial intelligent logistics industry alliance in last year, opening "AI + Logistics Lighthouse Live", etc., I hope to attract those " Creating a new national state of smart logistics through technology to change the industry.

When choosing the entered the logistics industry, it is convinced that the technical value of the industry, AI can provide new solutions for the laborer, warehouse renovation and optimization upgrades. Based on this, it is aimed at the customer’s demand for the customer’s demand, and the AI ??+ logistics platform, AI + logistics plan, AI + logistics product is the first to launch a 3A smart logistics solution during this exhibition. In the future, it is the beginning of the AI ??underlying technology or the starting point of the AI ??underlying technology or its starting point, and the AIOT product system is the pillar of its construction, and it is the future of its writing.