Main attack driver monitoring system, AI computer vision manufacturer Cipia successfully listed

Driver Sense detectable potential danger driving behavior

The core of the CIPIA solution is based on advanced proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithm. Driver Sense consists of two layers of logic, providing flexibility in embedding partner systems. Driver Sense’s core is to use computer visual algorithms to track and report visual properties related to drivers in real time. CIPIA constructs a second logical layer for integrating data analysis collected by the first layer into a physiological conclusion of a driver state. The logic layer is based on a wide range of research and testing, in which the relationship between visual facial clues and diurnal and distracting is confirmed. Cipia’s driver logic system detects the earliest phase of the sleepiness, so that the life-saving mechanism can make a smart reaction in real time.

Cipia has more than 70 computer vision AI patents. The company’s total revenue in the first half of 2021 was $ 2.6 million, which was three times higher than the same period last year. With the successful introduction of DMS regulations worldwide, the global market is growing with demand for solutions, and the integration of DMS technology has become a general trend.

Cipia and MobileEEYE integrate Driver Sense software on the Mobielee chip. Cipia estimates that the DMS solution integrated with ADAS and DRIVER SENSE is more cost-effective compared to the same type of solution in the market, which will help the company get a considerable market share.

Cipia also provides a video remote information processing and driver monitoring equipment for the team. The Cipia-FS10 provides a real-time life-saving alert to the driver and provides customized alerts and recommendations for the team management, making the team’s management more intelligently efficient. Cipia-FS10 is launched in early 2021 and is currently being used by customers.


"The success of this IPO will greatly expand the company’s business, improve competition positioning, expand the size of the enterprise, and meet the growing car perceived solution requirements." CIPIA CEO (CEO) David Tolub said, "This fund will also have Take us review of strategic acquisitions and promote further cooperation. I am very grateful to the company’s employees, customers, of course, newly joined investors and investors who have been accompanying us. I believe with solutions and technical advantages, Cipia will Maintaining a leading position in the global car perception market, we will continue to commit to the company’s development and bring value for investors. "

"Cipia’s car monitoring technology is one of the most advanced technology in the world." Professor Eli Talmor, Chairman of the Cipia Board of Directors said, "The solution not only meets the existing regulatory needs, but also for future automatic driving vehicles and mobile services, this It is also the base of the passenger experience and information monetization in the car. "

"Automatic driving car, robot taxi and its sensor -2021 version"

"VCSEL technology and market – 20121 version"

"Emerging Image Sensor Technology, Application and Market – 2012"

"Laser Radar Industry and Core Components – 201 Edition"

[AMV Global Xuan Sign] Evergrande retreats; FF retreats warning; BYD worry intelligent driving

Retirement for sale in some places have been confiscated by the government

It is learned from New Energy Auto Network, recently, Hengda Auto Release Announcement: Hengda Automobile has been refunded by the unnormalized land use land and industrial land totaling 266.33 million square meters, involving 7 projects, with a total amount of 1.284 billion yuan. The above returns are mainly used for engineering construction and payment of migrant workers’ wages, paying the remaining blocks, and some return orders have been confiscated by the government. In addition, in order to improve the overall benefits of the Group and supplementary working capital, Everbrucks have been actively actively negotiating some of the health valves, new energy automotive life projects and other assets of the Group. The company is still in contact with different potential investors, introducing funds for the Group.

FF pulls the market for emergency response

According to Sina Finance report, recently, the company (FF) said that the letter reminder was received due to the third quarter financial report. According to the letter, Fara, the future needs to submit the report within 60 natural days. According to the latest message, Fara Lan will be included in the list of NASDAQ standards. According to the rules of Nasdaq, if there is no submission of relevant reports within the prescribed period, the Fara Lord is likely to be rescued. According to the inner part of France, the reason is not submitted in the prescribed period, because of the recent well-known empty agency J Capital Research issued a short-selling report on FF. The company is conducting investigations to respond to the allegations of the air mechanism. Before the end of the survey, financial reports will not be announced, and the time for the survey is not determined.

work hard! Joint venture company

From the connection new energy source, recently, BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. added an external investment, adding investment companies for Shenzhen Di Zi Zhiwang Technology Co., Ltd., investment proportion of 60%. Shenzhen Di Ziying Technology Co., Ltd. legal representative is Yang Dongsheng, the registered capital is 100 million yuan. The company’s business scope includes application services, artificial intelligent public data platforms, artificial intelligence basic resources and technology platforms. The company has 60% of BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd., and 40% of the Magic Tower (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

[Cemat Those things] 视 视 3A solution, create a new path of smart logistics

"Kunlun", "Vientiane", "Pangu", "Nine", "River Map", when these high-cost characteristics are related to artificial intelligence, become a smart city, smart building, smart logistics The synonym of the AIOT software platform is also the core capabilities that continue to create in the two major business sections of the city Internet access and supply chain.

视 3A Smart Logistics Solution

In the field of logistics, it will adhere to the hard-integrated product layout, focus on building AI redefined logistics equipment, software platforms, and overall AIOT solutions. On 2021 Cemat Asia, it brings its innovative 3A smart logistics solution (AS / RS + AMR + AI), and shows its latest solution in the field of smart logistics.

视 风景 –

3A Smart Logistics Solution

"3A" in the 3A smart logistics solution is not a scenic area, but includes AS / RS (stereo storage, stacked machine, four-way car storage, conveying line), AMR (flexible handling and picking, containing P2P, The three modules of G2P, G2R, AI (machine vision, visual perception, and algorithm optimization).

Cheng Changshun, vice president of sales of scientific logistics business, said that he is unable to firmly deepen the smart logistics field, and radiate the world in China. 3A Smart Logistics Solutions, is built on the needs of demand for domestic logistics industries, developing many stages of development. In the overall dispatch of "视 河 图", the traditional AS / RS automated logistics system, the new AMR flexible logistics system interface, organic integration; at the same time, with the leading underlying Ai technology, visual perception and algorithm Empowering the warehousing logistics, earnestly helps customers have dropped the results, simplify management.

According to reports, in some warehousing scenes, although users have deployed a large amount of intelligent robots to improve logistics energy efficiency, cross-tunnel, multi-equipment synergistic scheduling pain points have not been resolved, ie unable to use a system to solve the equipment in the warehousing The running in the scene.

To this end, the 3A smart logistics solution is based on AI underlying technology, and the optimization of logistics handling whole process is achieved by algorithm and scheduling. For example, smart robots that can be idle can be gathered to the focus of work tasks, reduce resource idleness and waste, and greatly reduce users’ investment in equipment costs.

视 打

AI helps logistics minimally upgrade

At this stage, with the gradual popularity of new technologies, the rhythm of production and life is greatly accelerated. The logistics acts as an industry that guarantees social production and social life, and has become an important part of the national "new infrastructure" construction. Among them, as an important industry affecting the people’s livelihood, medical logistics under the influence of national two-ticket system and quality of mass purchases, the cost pressure rose.

At the same time, compared to ordinary goods, drug quality management requirements, more difficult, relying on the traditional way to improve the growth rate of the entry and enterprises. I saw the practical pain point of the medical logistics industry, based on the 3A smart logistics solution, helping the National Drug Holding Guangzhou Co., Ltd. ("National Control Guangzhou") for the Guangzhou Logistics Center to digitally upgraded, transformed, while production Under the conditions, the overall efficiency is 25%, and the operation time is 2 hours in advance, and the cost will be saved in the next five years.

视 国 国 广 广 广 升 升 升 升 升 升 升 升 升

How to do a number of 智 智 智 智 智 级 原 原 原 级 升 本 本 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难The pain is a feasible path.

"The people’s livelihoods in the pharmaceutical industry. It is very high in the traceability and accuracy of the goods, and the AI ??technology can solve this problem in low cost and efficiently." Cheng Changshun said, "The medical industry of the self-research" Ai Vision Perceived solutions, accurately identify and record information such as drug production, shelf life, production lot logo, and take self-uploading database, for the promotion of logistics energy efficiency in pharmaceutical industry, especially in the information recording level of the access library, has great improvement. "

视 医 医 业 视 视 视 解

With the gradual maturity of new technologies such as AI, IOT, smart logistics solutions are constantly being given new technology elements. AI gives a logistics device to provide AI to "physical bearer" capable of landing applications to AI. The AI ??is complementary and logistics equipment, integrating with each other, and helps the national control Guangzhou is gradually constructing a new set of brain Cong, eyemation, and has a new system of smart logistics system with persistent learning.


Tongjian AI + logistics ecotry circle to create a wisdom logistics new business

In fact, for a minimalization upgrade of an industry, it is not possible to complete alone. In the view, ecological construction and exchange cooperation is extremely important for industrial development. Based on this, in addition to the opening source of "Brain ++ · Tianyuan MeGengine deep learning framework", it has established the artificial intelligent logistics industry alliance in last year, opening "AI + Logistics Lighthouse Live", etc., I hope to attract those " Creating a new national state of smart logistics through technology to change the industry.

When choosing the entered the logistics industry, it is convinced that the technical value of the industry, AI can provide new solutions for the laborer, warehouse renovation and optimization upgrades. Based on this, it is aimed at the customer’s demand for the customer’s demand, and the AI ??+ logistics platform, AI + logistics plan, AI + logistics product is the first to launch a 3A smart logistics solution during this exhibition. In the future, it is the beginning of the AI ??underlying technology or the starting point of the AI ??underlying technology or its starting point, and the AIOT product system is the pillar of its construction, and it is the future of its writing.

20TB CMR HDD batch shipments, how to inject new motivation into the data center?

Techniques are obvious to the world, whether it is cloud or edge, individual or organization, all enjoys the convenience of emerging technology through a wide range of equipment, naturally brought massive data growth, According to the relevant data of IDC, by 2025, data generated from users, terminals, edges, and data centers will be up to 180ZB, and only China accounts for 41ZB. But even if the HDD and SSD grow strong, only very little data can be saved with storage devices, but the industry is still very urgent for storage capacity, as an example of data center, the average annual growth rate of HDD is even The level of 27%.

It is true that the data is used for analysis, prediction, and decision, unhappy data efficient use, but the premise of excavating data value requires the increase in storage capacity as support, and it is therefore, it is therefore, it is expected that storage equipment and technology can be expected. Realizing new technological breakthroughs, the HDD capacity and performance of the past to be subject to mechanical structures will be improved again to meet the storage and reading and writing needs of massive data background.

In September this year, the western data has announced the first new flash reinforced disk architecture design based on Optinand technology. It adopts groundbrening flash technology and HDD technology organic integration, and the "evergreen tree" of the storage industry in the mechanical hard drive is again injected again. The new vitality, and in recent "Nuimo Chinked Core Future" Western Data Media Share, only two months, Western data released the latest Optinand-based products: 20TBULTRASTARDCHC560CMRHDD.

Ravipendekanti, senior Vice President, Western Data Company, pointed out: "Artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, 5G, Internet of Things, smart videos, etc., always producing massive data. It is expected that data will be exponential in the next five years. Growth, will exceed twice the amount of all data storage. "In order to meet the explosive growth of the current and future data volume, the western data officially released Optinand technology in September this year.

Optinand technology, in the final analysis or the powerful technical strength of the western data, as the result of support, as a complete storage product line with HDD and flash memory, and the complete storage product line from the chip to the system, and stores more than 40% of the world The company, the western data has reason, and there is also enough strength to lead the storage market to the new step.

From flash technology, the western data is supporting SSD faster growth in recent years, from the 48th floor of BICS2 to BICS5, and then the newly released 162-story BICS6 this year, the western data is in good luck Active exploration in the storage area.

"In the storage area, the Moore Law is not only in horizontal expansion, and there is more stacks in the horizontal extension. For example, in the same unit, by changing the logical architecture, it can be converted from the original one byte SLC to two bytes. MLC, to three bytes of TLC, to the four bytes of QLC, even five bytes of PLC. So, the lateral density expansion plus the longitudinal stack, plus the extension of the density in the unit, the storage of flash memory The rate has grown many times in the past few years, and the development of the western data in these three dimensions, let us have a faster progress in semiconductor storage, which is the perfect combination of Moore’s law and architectural architecture design. "Western data company deputy President and Liu Gang, general manager of China, said in an interview.

At the same time, the western data also uses CMOS-Under-Array layout to increase the efficiency and better performance and density of the CMOS-Under-Array through higher efficiency.

These all-round technical accumulation, eventually letting the western data bring the latest sixth generation 162 3D flash technology this year, compared with BICS5, the size of the chip is reduced by 40%, and the program performance is more than twice. The delay is shortened by 10%, and the input and output performance is increased by 66%.

It is worth mentioning that even the same generation of flash memory, for different application scenarios, the western data can also treat the product to protect the product, so that users can demand in power consumption, performance, price, and number of times. The best balance is achieved to meet the actual needs of itself, and reduce overall deployment costs.

In terms of HDD technology, the western data also has Helioseal technology, energy auxiliary record technology and third-order rail positioning system as support. In the end, by integrating optimized SSDs into HDD, it produces Optinand this innovative disk architecture. technology.

It is to be clear that as an innovative technology, Optinand does not previously use SSD as a simple hybrid disk architecture used by the cache, "INAND’s role in Optinand is related to the performance of HDD. In addition to user data, there are many run data, Including data, critical positioning data, etc., these data have the same HDD disk, and the first will take a part of space, and the second will reduce performance. In Optinand, these run data are stored on in Andad, this Block Inand is not a normal flash memory, we need to optimize it for performance, allowing it to adapt to this special work scene. So, Inand is responsible for the operation depth of HDD itself in the Optinand architecture is the data storage section of the HDD itself. This is very different from the practice of putting the user data in it, "Liu Gang introduced.

Therefore, the 20TBULTRASTARDCHC560CMRHDD of the Western Data is significant, first is the intuitive advantage of the overall capacity improvement: Under the premise of the data center configuration, increase the HDD density from 16TB to 20TB, which can reduce each TB14% power consumption and deployment costs, and final feedback will bring 10% of the cost reduction cost of 10% and 16% of the overall cost reduction cost.

At the same time, this new Optinand technology 20TB product released, it also brings the following three advantages:

The first is greater, by using Optinand technology, the HDD structure is optimized, and the density has also reached the level of single disc 2.2TB, and the interference of adjacent tracks is improved. Second, since the key HDD internal data is placed on the flash of Optinand, the overall performance of HDD has also been improved, and the delay has declined. Finally, it is higher reliability, Optinand can make the HDD have the ability to reserve 50 times the ability before the emergency power failure.

In terms of compatibility, there is a standard interface, support and compatible with RAID1, RAID0, RAID5 and other disk array techniques, and further optimized space is also reserved.

Under the addition of the advantage, Optinand-based HDD became the excellent choice for storage challenges under the bottom, currently western data 20TBULTRASTARDCHC560CMRHDD has started batch shipments and began test planning and deployment in head Internet companies.

Looking back in the western data in the past 50 years, the close combination of partners in the storage area has been an important part. The header and partners can make full use of the latest hard drive technology for Western data to optimize system and solutions, while western data will be upgraded and optimized by software developers and service providers. It is reported that there will be more Optinand large-capacity, high-density, and high-performance HDD will be launched next year.

In the face of various new technologies, the new disk architecture, high-capacity products and high reliability, high performance, and cost-optimal solutions provided by the development of new technologies, and high-capacity, but also the strength of the industry. Certification, it also comes to the insight into the data center industry in the data center industry. After all, the smashing technology is a mainstream, and the bonus of storage technology is meant to be comprehensive, and the cost, power consumption, and storage density have received comprehensive. strengthen. There is no doubt that in the starting point of 20TBULTRASTARDC560CMRHDD, the western data has brought a solid storage base for the majority of companies to boost the new development of the storage industry, and also upgrade the data center storage architecture More possible.

After missing, Yizhuang did not lose millet again

Automotive Formation (ID: AutoReport), Author: yellow, field visit: Liang Qiu Dream, Editor: Yang Guang, head picture from: Visual China

Looking at the share price of it is a high way, Beijing Opened District may have a little comfort.

In September, Xiaomi has completed the registered industrial and commercial registration. On November 27, Xiaomi and the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee signed a "cooperation agreement", officially settled in Beijing Jingban, will build Xiaomi Auto Headquarters Base And sales headquarters, R & D headquarters, and 300,000 units of construction of the year, two phases of production capacity are 150,000, and it is expected to be marked offline in 2024.

Although in the heart of the Lei Jun, there may be a deeper emotion of Wuhan, but after the miscepted, the polar China headquarters will have no progress, and Yizhuang finally laughed in the millet battle. After all, after Xiaomi announced the news of the car, the site selection of Xiaomi cars became a cake for many cities.

In fact, the place is not a new thing to fight the car industry chain. Introduction, a number of employment opportunities and a generous tax return.

Yizhuang, of course, understand this truth, not to mention the goal of Beijing to build a global intelligent network of automotive technology innovation, or will not extend olive branches in this year. Just at that point, maybe it’s a magnificent life, and I didn’t dare to cast a bet.

But after two years, I flew it with the market value of the market, and the new track of the entire smart car, and the millet, it has become a matter of success.

In fact, for Beijing and Yizhuang, in the traditional age, in Changchun, Shanghai "Automobile City" has a gap compared with the room, but with the arrival of the intelligent network, the pattern may have new changes.

Xiaomi and Yizhuang’s Time Lioli and

There are several reports in the newslette released by Beijing Yizhuang:

"The Signment of the Cooperation Agreement" will further accelerate the new energy intelligent network of the Economic Development Zone to do strong, help Beijing to become a world intelligent new energy automotive industry innovation highland. "

"Beijing Economic Development Zone will give the strength of the whole district, under the active advancement of the urban two-level work project, to ensure the service of Xiaomi Automobile Project, promote the project early start early production, cooperate to jointly build industrial ecology, actively seize the future The development of the automotive industry. "

Yizhuang and millet, mutual achievements.

Beijing Economic Development Zone is a high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing of Beijing,High-end automobiles and new energy intelligent automotive industries are the first four major industries in the district. The auto industry in the first three quarters of this year has achieved an output value of 146.6 billion yuan, accounting for 35% of the total industrial output value of the region. Around Beijing Mercedes, Beiqi New Energy, the layout includes dozens of supporting enterprises such as Xifu, Delphi, Hainachuan.

Daimler’s new China R & D technology center is not enabled in Yizhuang,

At the same time, Beijing has released the first industrial policy of "China (Beijing) Free Trade Test Area High-end Industrial Pieces," Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy "," "Clear support for new energy and high-end auto industries.

In addition to the automobile industry, the other three leading industries in the open area are: information technology, biotechnology and great health, robots and intelligent manufacturing, specific to communication, monitors, integrated circuits, equipment manufacturing, information security, etc. Closely related to the emerging industries required for future intelligent vehicles.

In addition, the Economic Development Zone also has national new energy automotive technology innovation centers, national intelligent networks, such as the national technology innovation center, as well as Beijing high-level automatic driving demonstration zone, from industrial environment to policy support for intelligent network Environmental support for the construction of the automobile.

Xiao Ma Zhi and Baidu have now deployed more than 150 automatic driving vehicles in the Economic Development area, and take the lead in Robotaxi commercial operation pilot in the country.

All of this, has been developed from technology to production and manufacturing for Xiaomi Auto. The land of Xiaomi cars can also be driven by the open area in the chip, calculation platform, control system and other fields.

Xiaomi has been in Yizhuang layout with industrial park

In order to get a millet car,The Economic Development Zone also gives a commitment supported by the "all district".

In fact, when the Xiaomi Internet Industrial Park was put into operation last year, the project leader has mentioned that "Thanks to Beijing Economic Development Zone to provide help in time in the project construction construction, the industrial park has been successfully put into production."

Economic to the opening area also said: "When Xiaomi Company is intended to invest in an industrial investment in the open area, the department responsible for the operation of the industrial development operation is assigned a backbone force. Serving the ‘project service housekeeper’, weekly on the form of telephone, WeChat or discussions, understanding the needs of corporate demand, coordinating multi-sectoral services to provide the company. "

Such a service experience, there is reason to believe that it will continue on the millet project.

New car city opportunity

Behind the disturbing of the millet car landed, it seems that the Lei Jun has spread through many car enterprises and places, but the most likely option, but Beijing and Wuhan, the former is a city that Xiaomi has worried for many years, and the latter is in Hubei is The hometown of Lei Jun.

Two cities also represent an epitome of emerging power and traditional auto city, as well as the advantages of emerging power in this new competition.

When the Internet, automatic driving, artificial intelligence is increasingly fused with the car, the most important need for the industry may no longer produce manufacturing itself, but the technological innovation and digital industries. The changes in demand are also changing opportunities for the map of the car.

Beijing has always been the leading city of domestic Internet and technological innovation.

For example, in terms of technical talent reserves, the official does not give clear statistics, but the urban distribution of programmers in Github website statistics commonly used by programmers can find that Beijing is far ahead of other cities in China. It also enters the top three in the world. .

The automatic driving field is also a micro-shadow, from Xiaoma Zhi’s building to Momenta’s Cao Xudong, there is a joint founder Huang Chang, Wenyuan knows the CTO Li Ran … Almost all head companies have the brand of Tsinghua University alumni .

Perhaps the past Tsinghua, the North Polytechnic engineering specialty is the same in the country, but the core manufacturing base is not in Beijing after all. In the field of computer and artificial intelligence, Beijing is probably the penetration of "production education".

Of course, Beijing has also reserves in the automotive sector, and the Beiqi Group has worked for many years, and a perfect supporting industry chain is established. At the same time, there is a multinational car enterprise in Daimler, BMW, and Audi in Beijing Layout R & D center, which is also for Beijing. It has laid the foundation in the intelligent network.

Another similar city is Hefei.

At the beginning, investment, not only the rich return of the capital, but also laid Hefei’s position in the new energy vehicle field. Subsequently, Hefei introduced the income of the Volkswagen Group, established the public Anhui, and established a new energy vehicle R & D production base.

In the past long, Anhui hopes to establish "Da’an Auto" wishes have not been reached, and Anhui has always been the core area of ??China’s automobile industry, but the industrial basis and complete car industrial chain layout, let Hefei can quickly Become a focus of new energy cars. In 2020, relying on the rapid growth of it, Anhui new energy automotive production and sales volume has accounted for 7.7% nationwide, and the overall car production also returns millions.

In this year, the "Anhui New Energy Automobile Industry Development Action Plan (2021 ~ 2023)" is mentioned in this year, it is necessary to build a new energy vehicle enterprise with 3 to 5 impact, support Hefei to create"China’s new energy car capital".

If you want to be Beijing, Hefei also needs some accumulation, then with the rapid development of the emerging fields such as automatic driving,Also gave more opportunities for "small places".For example, Hunan Hengyang Hand in Hunan Trail, is built a large-scale automatic driving public service fleet; such as Wuxi in the V2X field layout, attracting Audi, Huawei and other enterprises to conduct automatic driving tests here.

Field visits: The project has not started, but the surrounding residents first

Xiaomi’s capacity (300,000 / year) and new car mass production time (offline 2024) are now clear, but the factory’s specific location, area, and how the company pays the government’s land and infrastructure costs.

In fact, we will find it through a map.There are not many plots left to the millet factory.The air floor of the figure below is a large blank area with the largest area of ??Yizhuang, and is also the region where the maximum probability is selected.

Around this place, there is a vehicle company such as Beiqi and Mercedes-Benz, as well as an automotive equipment manufacturing cluster of ABB, and SMIC and other integrated circuit companies, and the industrial chain is very complete.

Let’s go to the field and try to dig more details. The facts also confirmed our initial judgment, and in Yizhuang, the area did have a bulk. In addition, there is a small piece of construction site, and there is a crane on the work.

The auto-produced has been randomly interviewed several passers-by, one of the residents of Major Bridge (Tongzhou District, Town) said that the location of Xiaomi Auto Factory is likely to be in this piece of zone we are watching. Map showing,Here is 10 km from Xiaomi’s mobile smart plant in Yizhuang.

The resident also revealed that "there are several high-level leaders to see the photos introduced by Xiaomi Automobile Project in the construction site. One of the projects have the word of the Majacka."

A community website in Tongzhou is still reported that Xiaomi cars settled in Yizhuang New Town, it is very likely that the production base is selected in the Maritile Bridge.

The report pointed out that "there is an online picture can be invisible to see the ‘Xiaomi Automobile Project is expected to invest 63 billion yuan, and it is planned to be divided into two joint construction. Project site Site Yizhuang New City (Tongzhouphia) Maqiao Zhao Zhihua Base, north to Jing Shengnan Four Street, south to Yichang Street, west to Jingsheng Road, east to Xiki West Alien ‘words. "

The area is divided into 0606 block YZ00-0606-0101

If the description is correct, then the plot is located in the west side of the House of House, Maqiao Town.And this address is basically the same as that of the previous industry.

There have been reports before months, Xiaomi may acquire the Beiqi plant located in Yizhuang. In 2020, Beijing Economic Development Zone has undertaken the construction of high-end intelligent ecological factories in Beiqi Blue Valley. Some people have speculated that this plot that has not been adopted by Beiqi is likely to be opened to the area, and it is transferred to Xiaomi as a self-built plant.

The publication shows that the local land use nature is planned as a class of industrial land (M1), the land area is 718,900 square meters, with a total construction scale of about 410,000 square meters.

However, there are netizens commented on Xiaomi’s location: "With this area now in the traffic situation, Xiaomi is really a bit daren with it."

In fact, as this netizen said,The optional transport near the area is very limited.Although the foal bridge is on the express train of Yizhuang New City, there is already M21 (S6), M21 (S6) two subway construction, but the opening time has not been determined for a long time.

In the vicinity of this area, in addition to the rail small trains, there is no other public transport.

but,Millet cars’ settlements of the millet will drive the surrounding infrastructure construction.These two days,There is already a real estate sales of Yizhuang to sell new houses near Xiaomi Auto Factory, second-hand housing.In the past, the land of Xiaomi Internet Electronics Industry Park has driven a large number of supporting companies to find business opportunities.

With the fact that the factory is settled, there is basically nothing about the Xiaomi Auto, and the test of Xiaomi is that it can create a complete industrial chain and guarantee continuous operation, and ultimately let the product accept a picky market inspection. .


AUTO X founder Xiao Jianxiong said in an interview with the automobile producer: "We have to increase 1000 engineers this year, but talent is hard to find, so our goal is to open the R & D center to his doorstep,In the north of the north of the talent, all developed the R & D center."

This also represents the intersection and trend of industrial layouts.

The area represented by Yizhuang, which can stay like Xiaomi such as "star enterprise", believe in Xiaomi, and more is the layout of the new industry, not traditional manufacturing itself. Perhaps, this is also the rationality of Lei Jun to abandon the emotions of Wuhan and stay in Beijing.

Of course, from this year, it is now reorganizing millet, and the attitude changes are also explained by the side. In less than two years, the speed of the car industry is far more faster than our imagination.

Automotive Formation (ID: AutoReport), 作者 地 地 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦, editor: Yang Guang

This content is the author’s independent point of view, does not meidably sniff the stand. Do not reprint without allowing, please contact

Why is iPhone frequent quality problems, but sales are not reduced? Netizens responded

Recently, Apple will become a topic of China’s largest smartphone merchant. But many consumers complain that the iPhone mobile phone has a green screen, but also the iPhone 13 has a "left green, right red" two-color screen.

Since the iPhone 13 Series, many consumers say that they bought varying degrees of bugs, including intermittent touch, taking pictures with mosaics, backup recovery bugs, cellular data automatic switches, call signal differences, etc.

But still there will be many people buy iPhone, why is the iPhone frequent quality problem but sales is not reduced?

Netizen gives an answer:

@ Is big duck _: small problems can be accepted

@Marsaayyaayu: Is this not very simple? ! His opponent is worse than it, do you understand?

@ Brandon-li-blair-yi: As a mobile phone in the 1920s, the signal is poor, the battery is not durable, and it is not durable. Do not understand.

@ 酒 想 rabbit: I have no problem

Does your phone have problems?

.NET 6 New Features Trial | Namespace of File Range


In the previous "implicit Using Directive" article, we introduce global using, which can reduce "noise" in our code file to make the code more concise.

Today, we will introduce another way to simplify the code in. Net 6 – Namespaces of the file range.


When we add a class file to the project, the format that defines the namespace where our code is located is like this:

Namespace xxxnamespaceename


Public class xxxclassname




We already have a lot of "noise", such as {} and indentation before no code.

Now, you can change the namespace of the file range to simplify the code:

Namespace xxxnamespaceename;

Public class xxxclassname



It can be seen that a semicolon is added after the namespace indicates all types in this file, such as classes, and interfaces in this namespace.

Modify code style

Currently, the VS declaration namespace defaults or use the old style, if you like the namespace of the file range, you can modify it to the default.

Open .editorconfig, set the "Namespace Statement" to "File Scope Limit":

Try to create a class file again, you will find namespaces that have been used is the namespace of the file.

in conclusion

It should be noted that each file can only declare a namespace of a file range. Usually, most C # files have only one namespace, so this is not a problem.

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