Main attack driver monitoring system, AI computer vision manufacturer Cipia successfully listed

Driver Sense detectable potential danger driving behavior

The core of the CIPIA solution is based on advanced proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithm. Driver Sense consists of two layers of logic, providing flexibility in embedding partner systems. Driver Sense’s core is to use computer visual algorithms to track and report visual properties related to drivers in real time. CIPIA constructs a second logical layer for integrating data analysis collected by the first layer into a physiological conclusion of a driver state. The logic layer is based on a wide range of research and testing, in which the relationship between visual facial clues and diurnal and distracting is confirmed. Cipia’s driver logic system detects the earliest phase of the sleepiness, so that the life-saving mechanism can make a smart reaction in real time.

Cipia has more than 70 computer vision AI patents. The company’s total revenue in the first half of 2021 was $ 2.6 million, which was three times higher than the same period last year. With the successful introduction of DMS regulations worldwide, the global market is growing with demand for solutions, and the integration of DMS technology has become a general trend.

Cipia and MobileEEYE integrate Driver Sense software on the Mobielee chip. Cipia estimates that the DMS solution integrated with ADAS and DRIVER SENSE is more cost-effective compared to the same type of solution in the market, which will help the company get a considerable market share.

Cipia also provides a video remote information processing and driver monitoring equipment for the team. The Cipia-FS10 provides a real-time life-saving alert to the driver and provides customized alerts and recommendations for the team management, making the team’s management more intelligently efficient. Cipia-FS10 is launched in early 2021 and is currently being used by customers.


"The success of this IPO will greatly expand the company’s business, improve competition positioning, expand the size of the enterprise, and meet the growing car perceived solution requirements." CIPIA CEO (CEO) David Tolub said, "This fund will also have Take us review of strategic acquisitions and promote further cooperation. I am very grateful to the company’s employees, customers, of course, newly joined investors and investors who have been accompanying us. I believe with solutions and technical advantages, Cipia will Maintaining a leading position in the global car perception market, we will continue to commit to the company’s development and bring value for investors. "

"Cipia’s car monitoring technology is one of the most advanced technology in the world." Professor Eli Talmor, Chairman of the Cipia Board of Directors said, "The solution not only meets the existing regulatory needs, but also for future automatic driving vehicles and mobile services, this It is also the base of the passenger experience and information monetization in the car. "

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.NET 6 New Features Trial | Namespace of File Range


In the previous "implicit Using Directive" article, we introduce global using, which can reduce "noise" in our code file to make the code more concise.

Today, we will introduce another way to simplify the code in. Net 6 – Namespaces of the file range.


When we add a class file to the project, the format that defines the namespace where our code is located is like this:

Namespace xxxnamespaceename


Public class xxxclassname




We already have a lot of "noise", such as {} and indentation before no code.

Now, you can change the namespace of the file range to simplify the code:

Namespace xxxnamespaceename;

Public class xxxclassname



It can be seen that a semicolon is added after the namespace indicates all types in this file, such as classes, and interfaces in this namespace.

Modify code style

Currently, the VS declaration namespace defaults or use the old style, if you like the namespace of the file range, you can modify it to the default.

Open .editorconfig, set the "Namespace Statement" to "File Scope Limit":

Try to create a class file again, you will find namespaces that have been used is the namespace of the file.

in conclusion

It should be noted that each file can only declare a namespace of a file range. Usually, most C # files have only one namespace, so this is not a problem.

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