After missing, Yizhuang did not lose millet again

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Looking at the share price of it is a high way, Beijing Opened District may have a little comfort.

In September, Xiaomi has completed the registered industrial and commercial registration. On November 27, Xiaomi and the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee signed a "cooperation agreement", officially settled in Beijing Jingban, will build Xiaomi Auto Headquarters Base And sales headquarters, R & D headquarters, and 300,000 units of construction of the year, two phases of production capacity are 150,000, and it is expected to be marked offline in 2024.

Although in the heart of the Lei Jun, there may be a deeper emotion of Wuhan, but after the miscepted, the polar China headquarters will have no progress, and Yizhuang finally laughed in the millet battle. After all, after Xiaomi announced the news of the car, the site selection of Xiaomi cars became a cake for many cities.

In fact, the place is not a new thing to fight the car industry chain. Introduction, a number of employment opportunities and a generous tax return.

Yizhuang, of course, understand this truth, not to mention the goal of Beijing to build a global intelligent network of automotive technology innovation, or will not extend olive branches in this year. Just at that point, maybe it’s a magnificent life, and I didn’t dare to cast a bet.

But after two years, I flew it with the market value of the market, and the new track of the entire smart car, and the millet, it has become a matter of success.

In fact, for Beijing and Yizhuang, in the traditional age, in Changchun, Shanghai "Automobile City" has a gap compared with the room, but with the arrival of the intelligent network, the pattern may have new changes.

Xiaomi and Yizhuang’s Time Lioli and

There are several reports in the newslette released by Beijing Yizhuang:

"The Signment of the Cooperation Agreement" will further accelerate the new energy intelligent network of the Economic Development Zone to do strong, help Beijing to become a world intelligent new energy automotive industry innovation highland. "

"Beijing Economic Development Zone will give the strength of the whole district, under the active advancement of the urban two-level work project, to ensure the service of Xiaomi Automobile Project, promote the project early start early production, cooperate to jointly build industrial ecology, actively seize the future The development of the automotive industry. "

Yizhuang and millet, mutual achievements.

Beijing Economic Development Zone is a high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing of Beijing,High-end automobiles and new energy intelligent automotive industries are the first four major industries in the district. The auto industry in the first three quarters of this year has achieved an output value of 146.6 billion yuan, accounting for 35% of the total industrial output value of the region. Around Beijing Mercedes, Beiqi New Energy, the layout includes dozens of supporting enterprises such as Xifu, Delphi, Hainachuan.

Daimler’s new China R & D technology center is not enabled in Yizhuang,

At the same time, Beijing has released the first industrial policy of "China (Beijing) Free Trade Test Area High-end Industrial Pieces," Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy "," "Clear support for new energy and high-end auto industries.

In addition to the automobile industry, the other three leading industries in the open area are: information technology, biotechnology and great health, robots and intelligent manufacturing, specific to communication, monitors, integrated circuits, equipment manufacturing, information security, etc. Closely related to the emerging industries required for future intelligent vehicles.

In addition, the Economic Development Zone also has national new energy automotive technology innovation centers, national intelligent networks, such as the national technology innovation center, as well as Beijing high-level automatic driving demonstration zone, from industrial environment to policy support for intelligent network Environmental support for the construction of the automobile.

Xiao Ma Zhi and Baidu have now deployed more than 150 automatic driving vehicles in the Economic Development area, and take the lead in Robotaxi commercial operation pilot in the country.

All of this, has been developed from technology to production and manufacturing for Xiaomi Auto. The land of Xiaomi cars can also be driven by the open area in the chip, calculation platform, control system and other fields.

Xiaomi has been in Yizhuang layout with industrial park

In order to get a millet car,The Economic Development Zone also gives a commitment supported by the "all district".

In fact, when the Xiaomi Internet Industrial Park was put into operation last year, the project leader has mentioned that "Thanks to Beijing Economic Development Zone to provide help in time in the project construction construction, the industrial park has been successfully put into production."

Economic to the opening area also said: "When Xiaomi Company is intended to invest in an industrial investment in the open area, the department responsible for the operation of the industrial development operation is assigned a backbone force. Serving the ‘project service housekeeper’, weekly on the form of telephone, WeChat or discussions, understanding the needs of corporate demand, coordinating multi-sectoral services to provide the company. "

Such a service experience, there is reason to believe that it will continue on the millet project.

New car city opportunity

Behind the disturbing of the millet car landed, it seems that the Lei Jun has spread through many car enterprises and places, but the most likely option, but Beijing and Wuhan, the former is a city that Xiaomi has worried for many years, and the latter is in Hubei is The hometown of Lei Jun.

Two cities also represent an epitome of emerging power and traditional auto city, as well as the advantages of emerging power in this new competition.

When the Internet, automatic driving, artificial intelligence is increasingly fused with the car, the most important need for the industry may no longer produce manufacturing itself, but the technological innovation and digital industries. The changes in demand are also changing opportunities for the map of the car.

Beijing has always been the leading city of domestic Internet and technological innovation.

For example, in terms of technical talent reserves, the official does not give clear statistics, but the urban distribution of programmers in Github website statistics commonly used by programmers can find that Beijing is far ahead of other cities in China. It also enters the top three in the world. .

The automatic driving field is also a micro-shadow, from Xiaoma Zhi’s building to Momenta’s Cao Xudong, there is a joint founder Huang Chang, Wenyuan knows the CTO Li Ran … Almost all head companies have the brand of Tsinghua University alumni .

Perhaps the past Tsinghua, the North Polytechnic engineering specialty is the same in the country, but the core manufacturing base is not in Beijing after all. In the field of computer and artificial intelligence, Beijing is probably the penetration of "production education".

Of course, Beijing has also reserves in the automotive sector, and the Beiqi Group has worked for many years, and a perfect supporting industry chain is established. At the same time, there is a multinational car enterprise in Daimler, BMW, and Audi in Beijing Layout R & D center, which is also for Beijing. It has laid the foundation in the intelligent network.

Another similar city is Hefei.

At the beginning, investment, not only the rich return of the capital, but also laid Hefei’s position in the new energy vehicle field. Subsequently, Hefei introduced the income of the Volkswagen Group, established the public Anhui, and established a new energy vehicle R & D production base.

In the past long, Anhui hopes to establish "Da’an Auto" wishes have not been reached, and Anhui has always been the core area of ??China’s automobile industry, but the industrial basis and complete car industrial chain layout, let Hefei can quickly Become a focus of new energy cars. In 2020, relying on the rapid growth of it, Anhui new energy automotive production and sales volume has accounted for 7.7% nationwide, and the overall car production also returns millions.

In this year, the "Anhui New Energy Automobile Industry Development Action Plan (2021 ~ 2023)" is mentioned in this year, it is necessary to build a new energy vehicle enterprise with 3 to 5 impact, support Hefei to create"China’s new energy car capital".

If you want to be Beijing, Hefei also needs some accumulation, then with the rapid development of the emerging fields such as automatic driving,Also gave more opportunities for "small places".For example, Hunan Hengyang Hand in Hunan Trail, is built a large-scale automatic driving public service fleet; such as Wuxi in the V2X field layout, attracting Audi, Huawei and other enterprises to conduct automatic driving tests here.

Field visits: The project has not started, but the surrounding residents first

Xiaomi’s capacity (300,000 / year) and new car mass production time (offline 2024) are now clear, but the factory’s specific location, area, and how the company pays the government’s land and infrastructure costs.

In fact, we will find it through a map.There are not many plots left to the millet factory.The air floor of the figure below is a large blank area with the largest area of ??Yizhuang, and is also the region where the maximum probability is selected.

Around this place, there is a vehicle company such as Beiqi and Mercedes-Benz, as well as an automotive equipment manufacturing cluster of ABB, and SMIC and other integrated circuit companies, and the industrial chain is very complete.

Let’s go to the field and try to dig more details. The facts also confirmed our initial judgment, and in Yizhuang, the area did have a bulk. In addition, there is a small piece of construction site, and there is a crane on the work.

The auto-produced has been randomly interviewed several passers-by, one of the residents of Major Bridge (Tongzhou District, Town) said that the location of Xiaomi Auto Factory is likely to be in this piece of zone we are watching. Map showing,Here is 10 km from Xiaomi’s mobile smart plant in Yizhuang.

The resident also revealed that "there are several high-level leaders to see the photos introduced by Xiaomi Automobile Project in the construction site. One of the projects have the word of the Majacka."

A community website in Tongzhou is still reported that Xiaomi cars settled in Yizhuang New Town, it is very likely that the production base is selected in the Maritile Bridge.

The report pointed out that "there is an online picture can be invisible to see the ‘Xiaomi Automobile Project is expected to invest 63 billion yuan, and it is planned to be divided into two joint construction. Project site Site Yizhuang New City (Tongzhouphia) Maqiao Zhao Zhihua Base, north to Jing Shengnan Four Street, south to Yichang Street, west to Jingsheng Road, east to Xiki West Alien ‘words. "

The area is divided into 0606 block YZ00-0606-0101

If the description is correct, then the plot is located in the west side of the House of House, Maqiao Town.And this address is basically the same as that of the previous industry.

There have been reports before months, Xiaomi may acquire the Beiqi plant located in Yizhuang. In 2020, Beijing Economic Development Zone has undertaken the construction of high-end intelligent ecological factories in Beiqi Blue Valley. Some people have speculated that this plot that has not been adopted by Beiqi is likely to be opened to the area, and it is transferred to Xiaomi as a self-built plant.

The publication shows that the local land use nature is planned as a class of industrial land (M1), the land area is 718,900 square meters, with a total construction scale of about 410,000 square meters.

However, there are netizens commented on Xiaomi’s location: "With this area now in the traffic situation, Xiaomi is really a bit daren with it."

In fact, as this netizen said,The optional transport near the area is very limited.Although the foal bridge is on the express train of Yizhuang New City, there is already M21 (S6), M21 (S6) two subway construction, but the opening time has not been determined for a long time.

In the vicinity of this area, in addition to the rail small trains, there is no other public transport.

but,Millet cars’ settlements of the millet will drive the surrounding infrastructure construction.These two days,There is already a real estate sales of Yizhuang to sell new houses near Xiaomi Auto Factory, second-hand housing.In the past, the land of Xiaomi Internet Electronics Industry Park has driven a large number of supporting companies to find business opportunities.

With the fact that the factory is settled, there is basically nothing about the Xiaomi Auto, and the test of Xiaomi is that it can create a complete industrial chain and guarantee continuous operation, and ultimately let the product accept a picky market inspection. .


AUTO X founder Xiao Jianxiong said in an interview with the automobile producer: "We have to increase 1000 engineers this year, but talent is hard to find, so our goal is to open the R & D center to his doorstep,In the north of the north of the talent, all developed the R & D center."

This also represents the intersection and trend of industrial layouts.

The area represented by Yizhuang, which can stay like Xiaomi such as "star enterprise", believe in Xiaomi, and more is the layout of the new industry, not traditional manufacturing itself. Perhaps, this is also the rationality of Lei Jun to abandon the emotions of Wuhan and stay in Beijing.

Of course, from this year, it is now reorganizing millet, and the attitude changes are also explained by the side. In less than two years, the speed of the car industry is far more faster than our imagination.

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