Why is iPhone frequent quality problems, but sales are not reduced? Netizens responded

Recently, Apple will become a topic of China’s largest smartphone merchant. But many consumers complain that the iPhone mobile phone has a green screen, but also the iPhone 13 has a "left green, right red" two-color screen.

Since the iPhone 13 Series, many consumers say that they bought varying degrees of bugs, including intermittent touch, taking pictures with mosaics, backup recovery bugs, cellular data automatic switches, call signal differences, etc.

But still there will be many people buy iPhone, why is the iPhone frequent quality problem but sales is not reduced?

Netizen gives an answer:

@ Is big duck _: small problems can be accepted

@Marsaayyaayu: Is this not very simple? ! His opponent is worse than it, do you understand?

@ Brandon-li-blair-yi: As a mobile phone in the 1920s, the signal is poor, the battery is not durable, and it is not durable. Do not understand.

@ 酒 想 rabbit: I have no problem

Does your phone have problems?