[AMV Global Xuan Sign] Evergrande retreats; FF retreats warning; BYD worry intelligent driving

Retirement for sale in some places have been confiscated by the government

It is learned from New Energy Auto Network, recently, Hengda Auto Release Announcement: Hengda Automobile has been refunded by the unnormalized land use land and industrial land totaling 266.33 million square meters, involving 7 projects, with a total amount of 1.284 billion yuan. The above returns are mainly used for engineering construction and payment of migrant workers’ wages, paying the remaining blocks, and some return orders have been confiscated by the government. In addition, in order to improve the overall benefits of the Group and supplementary working capital, Everbrucks have been actively actively negotiating some of the health valves, new energy automotive life projects and other assets of the Group. The company is still in contact with different potential investors, introducing funds for the Group.

FF pulls the market for emergency response

According to Sina Finance report, recently, the company (FF) said that the letter reminder was received due to the third quarter financial report. According to the letter, Fara, the future needs to submit the report within 60 natural days. According to the latest message, Fara Lan will be included in the list of NASDAQ standards. According to the rules of Nasdaq, if there is no submission of relevant reports within the prescribed period, the Fara Lord is likely to be rescued. According to the inner part of France, the reason is not submitted in the prescribed period, because of the recent well-known empty agency J Capital Research issued a short-selling report on FF. The company is conducting investigations to respond to the allegations of the air mechanism. Before the end of the survey, financial reports will not be announced, and the time for the survey is not determined.

work hard! Joint venture company

From the connection new energy source, recently, BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. added an external investment, adding investment companies for Shenzhen Di Zi Zhiwang Technology Co., Ltd., investment proportion of 60%. Shenzhen Di Ziying Technology Co., Ltd. legal representative is Yang Dongsheng, the registered capital is 100 million yuan. The company’s business scope includes application services, artificial intelligent public data platforms, artificial intelligence basic resources and technology platforms. The company has 60% of BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd., and 40% of the Magic Tower (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.