20TB CMR HDD batch shipments, how to inject new motivation into the data center?

Techniques are obvious to the world, whether it is cloud or edge, individual or organization, all enjoys the convenience of emerging technology through a wide range of equipment, naturally brought massive data growth, According to the relevant data of IDC, by 2025, data generated from users, terminals, edges, and data centers will be up to 180ZB, and only China accounts for 41ZB. But even if the HDD and SSD grow strong, only very little data can be saved with storage devices, but the industry is still very urgent for storage capacity, as an example of data center, the average annual growth rate of HDD is even The level of 27%.

It is true that the data is used for analysis, prediction, and decision, unhappy data efficient use, but the premise of excavating data value requires the increase in storage capacity as support, and it is therefore, it is therefore, it is expected that storage equipment and technology can be expected. Realizing new technological breakthroughs, the HDD capacity and performance of the past to be subject to mechanical structures will be improved again to meet the storage and reading and writing needs of massive data background.

In September this year, the western data has announced the first new flash reinforced disk architecture design based on Optinand technology. It adopts groundbrening flash technology and HDD technology organic integration, and the "evergreen tree" of the storage industry in the mechanical hard drive is again injected again. The new vitality, and in recent "Nuimo Chinked Core Future" Western Data Media Share, only two months, Western data released the latest Optinand-based products: 20TBULTRASTARDCHC560CMRHDD.

Ravipendekanti, senior Vice President, Western Data Company, pointed out: "Artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, 5G, Internet of Things, smart videos, etc., always producing massive data. It is expected that data will be exponential in the next five years. Growth, will exceed twice the amount of all data storage. "In order to meet the explosive growth of the current and future data volume, the western data officially released Optinand technology in September this year.

Optinand technology, in the final analysis or the powerful technical strength of the western data, as the result of support, as a complete storage product line with HDD and flash memory, and the complete storage product line from the chip to the system, and stores more than 40% of the world The company, the western data has reason, and there is also enough strength to lead the storage market to the new step.

From flash technology, the western data is supporting SSD faster growth in recent years, from the 48th floor of BICS2 to BICS5, and then the newly released 162-story BICS6 this year, the western data is in good luck Active exploration in the storage area.

"In the storage area, the Moore Law is not only in horizontal expansion, and there is more stacks in the horizontal extension. For example, in the same unit, by changing the logical architecture, it can be converted from the original one byte SLC to two bytes. MLC, to three bytes of TLC, to the four bytes of QLC, even five bytes of PLC. So, the lateral density expansion plus the longitudinal stack, plus the extension of the density in the unit, the storage of flash memory The rate has grown many times in the past few years, and the development of the western data in these three dimensions, let us have a faster progress in semiconductor storage, which is the perfect combination of Moore’s law and architectural architecture design. "Western data company deputy President and Liu Gang, general manager of China, said in an interview.

At the same time, the western data also uses CMOS-Under-Array layout to increase the efficiency and better performance and density of the CMOS-Under-Array through higher efficiency.

These all-round technical accumulation, eventually letting the western data bring the latest sixth generation 162 3D flash technology this year, compared with BICS5, the size of the chip is reduced by 40%, and the program performance is more than twice. The delay is shortened by 10%, and the input and output performance is increased by 66%.

It is worth mentioning that even the same generation of flash memory, for different application scenarios, the western data can also treat the product to protect the product, so that users can demand in power consumption, performance, price, and number of times. The best balance is achieved to meet the actual needs of itself, and reduce overall deployment costs.

In terms of HDD technology, the western data also has Helioseal technology, energy auxiliary record technology and third-order rail positioning system as support. In the end, by integrating optimized SSDs into HDD, it produces Optinand this innovative disk architecture. technology.

It is to be clear that as an innovative technology, Optinand does not previously use SSD as a simple hybrid disk architecture used by the cache, "INAND’s role in Optinand is related to the performance of HDD. In addition to user data, there are many run data, Including data, critical positioning data, etc., these data have the same HDD disk, and the first will take a part of space, and the second will reduce performance. In Optinand, these run data are stored on in Andad, this Block Inand is not a normal flash memory, we need to optimize it for performance, allowing it to adapt to this special work scene. So, Inand is responsible for the operation depth of HDD itself in the Optinand architecture is the data storage section of the HDD itself. This is very different from the practice of putting the user data in it, "Liu Gang introduced.

Therefore, the 20TBULTRASTARDCHC560CMRHDD of the Western Data is significant, first is the intuitive advantage of the overall capacity improvement: Under the premise of the data center configuration, increase the HDD density from 16TB to 20TB, which can reduce each TB14% power consumption and deployment costs, and final feedback will bring 10% of the cost reduction cost of 10% and 16% of the overall cost reduction cost.

At the same time, this new Optinand technology 20TB product released, it also brings the following three advantages:

The first is greater, by using Optinand technology, the HDD structure is optimized, and the density has also reached the level of single disc 2.2TB, and the interference of adjacent tracks is improved. Second, since the key HDD internal data is placed on the flash of Optinand, the overall performance of HDD has also been improved, and the delay has declined. Finally, it is higher reliability, Optinand can make the HDD have the ability to reserve 50 times the ability before the emergency power failure.

In terms of compatibility, there is a standard interface, support and compatible with RAID1, RAID0, RAID5 and other disk array techniques, and further optimized space is also reserved.

Under the addition of the advantage, Optinand-based HDD became the excellent choice for storage challenges under the bottom, currently western data 20TBULTRASTARDCHC560CMRHDD has started batch shipments and began test planning and deployment in head Internet companies.

Looking back in the western data in the past 50 years, the close combination of partners in the storage area has been an important part. The header and partners can make full use of the latest hard drive technology for Western data to optimize system and solutions, while western data will be upgraded and optimized by software developers and service providers. It is reported that there will be more Optinand large-capacity, high-density, and high-performance HDD will be launched next year.

In the face of various new technologies, the new disk architecture, high-capacity products and high reliability, high performance, and cost-optimal solutions provided by the development of new technologies, and high-capacity, but also the strength of the industry. Certification, it also comes to the insight into the data center industry in the data center industry. After all, the smashing technology is a mainstream, and the bonus of storage technology is meant to be comprehensive, and the cost, power consumption, and storage density have received comprehensive. strengthen. There is no doubt that in the starting point of 20TBULTRASTARDC560CMRHDD, the western data has brought a solid storage base for the majority of companies to boost the new development of the storage industry, and also upgrade the data center storage architecture More possible.